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Coolant leak

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Noticed my 99 MJ (EDIT: 89 MJ) was dripping coolant onto the driveway...


After I add more coolant to the reservoir to start a steady drip again, the farthest I can see is that it is dripping onto the top of the serpentine belt as it wraps around the lowest pulley.

Am I correct that the thing above the lowest pulley is the water pump?


To get a better view, is the next step pulling the radiator fans?



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The lowest pulley is the crankshaft.  The one directly above it is the water pump.  There is a weep hole on the bottom of the water pump "snout" that supports the shaft sticking out of the front of the pump.  The weep hole allows leaking water to leave the pump and avoid instantaneous distruction of the shaft bearings.  SIgns of weepage at that hole means it is new water pump time.

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water pump replacement going pretty comedically bad so far

i started the truck to move it to the shade with the fan removed, heard a clunk and now and i think i lost a piece...

is there some kind of pulley that runs that fan that is behind the fan itself on the same bolts? anybody got a pic/diagram of it?

either i lost a part or I'm real confused about where the belt is supposed to go on the fan, because theres no good place to put a belt on for the fan anymore.


still trying to get the damn bolts of the water pump too :-(

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ya the second diagram looks right. (89 of course, haha)


the part i lost was the fan pulley. wtf? pretty big part to disappear. o well, went and grabbed another one from the junkyard (but if i find mine in 30 days they take returns, woo)


so i put the new water pump on the first time and tested it just by filling the overflow coolant tank. leaked around the gasket.

i redo it, this time actually used gasket sealant. and then when I'm tightening the bottom bolt i break off the bolt :-)


this is going great...

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On 6/11/2018 at 9:41 AM, HOrnbrod said:

I think this is correct for your 89? Unless you really have an uber-rare 99 MJ..   :laugh:




DOH.....I HATE when I jump the gun and don't check which FSM I consult for the pic.  Yup, I posted the pic from the 2000 XJ manual.  Your pic is correct.


On 6/11/2018 at 9:41 AM, HOrnbrod said:



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