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Windshield Replacement

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Having a difficult time finding a windshield replacement, the ones I have found and looked at are the “green tinted”, I’m pretty sure mine is a clear, anyone using the green tinted, if yes how do you like it? Also, are the Cherokee and Comanche windshield interchangeable?


thanks in advance. 

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Fortunately the MJ and XJ windshields are the same, otherwise we may have been SOL. 



The 'green' is the factory color for Jeep, pretty sure about that. Likely yours was not clear, but that the tint has bleached out after 30 years. 


If you go with an independent installer......ie........not Safelite, you can get the newer glass with rubber trim/seal. The only difference is that yours has a Ford mirror mount and the newer has a GM mirror mount, just pick up a later XJ mirror. 

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