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MJ 8.8 Swap and Brake System Upgrade

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So I've done a good bit of research and can't seem to find what swapping in a ZJ proportioning valve will look like. My plan is to swap to a '96 booster and MC from a ZJ, swap in a ford 8.8 (rear disc), and use the proportioning valve from the ZJ to delete the factory load sensing valve. Any info on the p-valve fitting sizes and line work that would need to be done would be great! 


Thanks in advance!

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Background info:


The Comanche is a 1990 pioneer Manual 4x4 with 194,xxx last owner swapped in a rebuilt 4.0

Rear axle being taken out is the infamous D35

The braking system is all stock currently except load valve is wired up due to lift being too high for the connecting bar


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