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How to determine if it has the sentry system?

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I’m not aware of one in the 84-86. I’d guess Aftermarket is there is one.

I’ll take a peek at the electrical trouble shooting some time.


Left side instrument display and a bunch of vacuum arrays? Not sure I follow, the only XJ I’ve seen with extra vacuum connections were the select track with a vacuum switch in the middle of the center console where the coin tray goes to engage the 4wd system. Solid front axel not CAD.

Those XJ had a lot more options, like a dash clock with all kinds of computer leads and lights.


Except for the Air box I don’t think the dash had vacuum actuators.


Now the carbureted engine bay has all kinds of vacuum arrays and switches for stuff like mixture and emissions.



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Looked at my 84 & 86 Jeep electrical trouble shooting books, no mention of any kind of alarm.

Although 1986 has a listing for keyless entry module . I didn’t know that was a option for the AMC XJ/MJ.
On the schematics the keyless entry module was powered off the dome fuse, feeding power to the vanity lights and door locks.

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