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First Jeep: 87 4x4 5 Speed

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Alright so I just got this thing last night in a trade. I am a Subaru guy and have never owned a Jeep. It needs a lot of work and I have A LOT of questions haha. Not sure if this is the best place to post it but here goes.


I ran a vin decoder on it and it came back as an 87 longbed automatic 4x4. obviously someone converted it to manual trans at some point. was told it is an ax15.


The brakes don't really work, bed has a half assed attempt at being chopped, rear diff is welded, all the vacuum lines in the engine bay are just hanging out plugged into nothing, there is no exhaust, no shocks in the rear, vents don't work...etc, etc


My plan right now is I want to be able to take it up to the mountain for camping and actually use it has a truck around town. Does not need to be my daily. 


The front axle has a marking on it for 3.54 and I have no idea what the rear is. So my first problem is finding a stock comanche rear axle that not welded?  does anyone know what lift it has?
















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Looks like a Rustys 4.5" lift. That's an XJ 8.25 rear axle, looks like the PO just forced the leafs to line up with the XJ perches which is why the shackles and springs are out of line. 


The rear brakes may not work worth a crap because the rear prop valve is hanging there like it is. 


Vacuum lines are pretty easy to clean up. Just have to connect brake booster, map sensor, fuel pressure regulator, crank case vent, charcoal canister, and vacuum canister.  



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