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1987 4cyl fuel sending unit w/pump in MO


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All you have to do is unplug yours from under tank and plug in the spare, turn key but not to crank over engine. The pump will turn on to pressurize the fuel rail. If not pump is bad. The sending unit is where pump mounts and electric components to float are located. The pumps are easily sourced new. The housing and float are the hard part to find there is no new option. You can simply check the float the same way by turning the key to on and not cranking engine over. Have someone move float up or down slowly while the other waches the guage for travel. There is no need to drop a tank and swap out to do a quick test on a spare.  Of course you could test your own this way too. If it is an 87 you shouldn't even have to worry about a bad ballast resistor since some other members have recently schooled me that 87's did not have them.

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