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Squealing AC compressor

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Usually there is a diagram decal somewhere in the engine compartment showing the belt routing with and without A/C, if yours is not there Google is your friend...As for the bypass, parts store dude should carry the shorter belt for the non-A/C vehicle.

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2 hours ago, HOrnbrod said:

If you don't care for A/C, pull it all off and install a delete pulley. You don't have a signature stating what MJ you are driving, so here's one that may or may not fit.


https://www.autozone.com/cooling-heating-and-climate-control/a-c-compressor-bypass-pulley/jeep/cherokee and elsewhere.........

Yeah, just figured out the signature part.  Should be fixed now.  And no, that part does not fit.  But thanks for trying.  So far this site has been a HUGE help.

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Further research reveals it may not be my AC compressor.  It looks like a small section of the new belt is rubbing on the plate directly behind the pulley attached to the alternator.  Moving it around a bit has stopped the squealing noise on startup and idle.  Will be doing further testing.  Will keep posted if I go back to the compressor.

And yes HOrnbrod, that is the correct belt pattern.

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Drove the truck around today and the squeal has (mostly) gone away.  Will keep tabs on it.

HOWEVER, a nice new issue has cropped up.  3 times during driving the engine turned off.  It only happened when I was coming to a stop, took it out of gear into neutral.  The truck has a rough idle anyway, which I'm amazed the shop I had it in didn't address, the third time it happened was right outside my driveway while my wife was moving the car out of the way; I came to a total stop, shifted it into neutral and about 3 seconds later the RPMs dropped off and it died.  

I'm nearly at a loss what it could be so suddenly.  I've thought maybe the Alternator, then perhaps the IAC.  Any ideas?

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