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Jeep XJ/MJ Renix Headers


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I have a brand new set of Jeep Cherokee XJ/MJ Pacesetter Headers for the Renix era Jeeps (87-90). These are for the 4.0L motor.




They are already heat coated, and come with the downpipe and new gasket.


They list for $334.95 on pacesetter's website (part number 70-1191), will sell for $200.

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Sorry CW, but they are long gone...


(original post was about 3 years ago)


Kinda figured, I saw the date right after I posted, but let it go anyhow...


Do you have any customer feedback on this product? I know Darren has/had a set and liked them well enough to say he would buy them again...


Looking for a cheaper way into a tubular header... I would love to go Clifford again, but can't really justify that much coin at this time.



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I've had very mixed reviews on them. From what I've gathered the guys with the AW4 say they have fitment problems, the guys with the manual tranny's say they don't. Some say that the coating sucks and burns off in a few weeks, others say it's lasted.


What I do really like about them is the fact they come with the downpipe; not many other on the market do.


We eventually pulled them from the website after the last customer threw a fit about fitment and modified them then wanted to return them... :roll:


I have not personally tried to install a set of them; so what I know is based on feedback from customers.

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