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Hello first of all I appear live in Argentine and there is the fallen one in my hands a mj 87 that I am ready to arm and enjoy. PETE M say with the club for a photo of your comanche that it has the transfer of the club I was reading enough of the forum what I do not have clear is if mj 2.5n 87 it brings of factory dana 35 adelte 44 behind queiero to put 33 "

From already mucahas thanks to all comanche.gifjamminz.gif :cheers:

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Welcome to the Club.


I do believe your English needs some practice.


Please don't get me wrong, seems your English is better then my Spanish.


Perhaps, we can help you with questions about your Truck, and also help you with your English.


First one would say,

I live in Argentina, Not appear to live.


If what you are trying to ask is if your truck can handle 33's, it depends on the gear ratio in the axles.


The gear ratio in the Axles are different on these trucks, one needs to actualy look at the Axle, there should be a tag on there somewhere that tells what the gear ratio is.


Hope that helps some, good luck

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