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A little caster

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did it. MJ wandered all over the road, especially in curves and dips, so I had replaced worn track bar and tie rods & adjusted wheel bearing torque etc.. It still had effortless steering (you know, like your not in control) and wandered when yuh least expected it to. So today out of curiosity I made a couple of 1/8" shims and placed them in back of the LCA along with the 2 already in there & bolted it up. What a diff, there is now a lil resistance feel in the steering and it tracks great w/no wanderiong, I have no idea what the caster spec is suppose to be on an MJ, but I must have got lucky & hit it right on. :D

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Depending on how high its lifted, you can get away with 4 or 5 degrees of caster. I have found that less caster works better on Jeeps with bigger tires and lifts. 7 works great for stock, 6 or so for 3 to 4" of lift with 33s, then 5 degrees for 35s and 5"+ of lift. This is just what I have found in my dealings with lifted Jeeps, your results may vary :)



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