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Proportioning valve

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I know this has been discussed to death, but just want to clarify. I have a line on a wrecked 94 Cherokee that I want to steal the prop valve from. Getting ready to install a lift & rebuild my brakes, including removing the wonderful rear valve setup on the 'manche.

Want to make sure I get what I need. Just need to pull the prop valve that sits by the brake booster, right?

After pulling all the old junk & running a new hard line to the rear, that should be it, right?

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That's all you need. A '94 valve is going to be almost 14 hears old by the time you get it, though. When you get it, remove the plug in the "nose" (CAREFULLY! - there's a strong spring in there) and clean out the passge thoroughly. Be sure the rubber O-ring is clean and flexible.


Many people in the XJ universe actually remove the O-ring and spring, and shove the plunger all the way forward. What that does is deactivate the proportioning function. You don't need to replace the MJ combo valve if you don't want proportioning, so use the XJ valve but be sure the plunger will move or you won't have any rear brakes at all. (I know this first-hand, from my '88 XJ.)

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