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My 90 won't start...please help!!!

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My 90 mj will turn over good but not fire. I have just replaced the cps (the old one was gunky and frayed wires at the sensor). I am going make the cps mod that cruiser54 has on his page, and test the tps and fuel pressure today. It acts like it's not getting fuel... it has good spark. I spayed carb cleaner in it and it started for a few seconds but with a low rough idle then stalled. My fuel pump is abnormally loud when I turn the key on. Could this be a bad fuel pump? Possibly regulator? I figure the fuel pump filter sock is probably clogged and dirty at least a bit. thanks for any help!... By the way, cruiser54.com is extremely helpful

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What brand CPS did you use? Lots of members have had trouble with parts store brands.

Check the fuel pressure before pulling things apart. Abnormally loud is typically a sign of a failing fuel pump yeah, but mine was super load for years (and tens of thousands of miles) before it died, and even then it would still start and run (incredibly badly) and I drove about 800 miles from when it started acting up to when I finally replaced it... 800 long miles without being able to exceed 2000 rpm. Could be clogged filter (although again I once pulled a filter off and poured what looked like a rich cup of hot chocolate out the back of a filter and it ran the same with a new filter), or there's a chance the rubber hose connecting the fuel pump to the sending unit has failed.

But check your fuel pressure before messing with things. Considering the only thing that changed is the CPS, that's not a bad candidate for what's at fault here. Also make sure the new wires aren't touching the exhaust manifold.

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