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"New" Comanche to Me

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Hello Gang,

I'm new to the forum and also new to being a Comanche owner. Meet Matilda, a 1986 Comanche X 4x4 with the 2.8L V6 with automatic transmission. I also own a 2016 JK 2-Door, Manual, no power anything and she's been substantially upgraded to make a very capable off-road vehicle (Gertrude).


I picked her up yesterday for a nice $800. She runs, but needed a tune-up, and all the other thing you'd expect for a 30 year-old truck that hasn't been kept up all that great. Minimal rust, but definitely will need a new roof, hood, and various other body components when it's I get to that point of the build (last).


After the tune-up, the engine seemed to run fine. Still need to replace a couple of hoses to the carb but the temperature gauge held steady. Unfortunately, after driving her around the neighborhood, I immediately noticed a knock once the RPMs increased. Not to mention the 3-Speed Transmission is something to get used to. From a build perspective, it is broken down into three areas: Mechanical, Suspension, Body, Interior.


With the engine knock, i've seen a variety of arguements on multiple forums saying the 2.8L is crap, and to just bite the bullet and get the 4.0L. Thoughts?

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