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1983 CJ-7 5.3 Vortec swap

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On 10/11/2021 at 5:23 AM, WVpioneer_88 said:

How are you liking your ox cable locker? I’m building some 44s and was thinking about putting one in my rear axle. 

I've had a cable operated Ox in the rear D44 since 2006.  It's always worked great.  I routed the cable carefully and used Adel clamps at a couple points to keep the cable in place.  The clamps are loose enough on the cable to allow some movement.  I did manage to somehow pinch the cable on the Rubicon Trail in 2019.  That made the shifter operation a bit stiffer.  I was thinking of replacing the cable, but lately I think it has loosened a little from use, so I'll probably keep running it as is.


The front D44 Ox is air operated.  I think I posted earlier that I replaced a Detroit Locker with the Ox.  It's nice having the option now to be unlocked/locked on the trail.  So far it has been flawless in operation.  I like the fact that it uses a pneumatic rocker switch, so there are no electrical relays to be a potential problem.  I routed the air lines carefully, as any time I've seen an air locker fail on the trail, it was most often because of a damaged line from a sloppy installation.  I carry an air line repair kit I cobbled together myself, mostly containing parts I got from Mcmaster-Carr.


I don't see as many Ox Lockers on the trail as ARB or factory Rubicon lockers, but everyone I talk to that has one, likes them.

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