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Convert internal slave to external 92 MJ using 99 xj trans

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My 92 4 liter 4x4 5 speeds internal slave failed after a year.  So I replaced it, and went with the metal cylinder and stainless line.  But started looking for a external bellhousing because its a lot of work!.


Today I bought a complete ax15 setup from a 99 XJ 4 liter 2wd. 


I am seeing 94 to 96 slave cylinders are the same, but 97 and up parts compatibility is different on different searches.



What I know or believe so far is to use the 99 belhousing, fork,  throw out brg and slave. 


Can I use my existing brake master cylinder and braided line? 



The slave end connected with npt and the cylinder end connected with the push in and tap in a roll pin setup. 

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The AX15 external line is shorter then the one with internal slave. It might work. I would like to know when you do. My AX15 internal started leaking about a month ago, and had to remove it all to change it out. The disc was is very good shape, but changed it all anyway since I was in there. Such a pain in th butt to half to disconnect everything just for that damn slave.

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OK it looks like the slave is the slip fit with roll pin.  So the aftermarket braided line will work but with another adapter for the slave end.   Looks like the slave is the same xj tj 93 to 06.  I am not sure on the master but I would think the original would work IF you use the braided line.


My internal unit failed internally.  It didn't leak a drop anywhere.  Terrible.  Clutch was like new but I replaced it anyways.

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