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Steering column interchange

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Anybody know if a 1989 Chevy Blazer will swap into 89 comanche pioneer?  Also the shop thinks that the amount of wobble in my tilt column means that something is broken and tightening the bolts won't fix it.  The symptom is that it blows the fusible link to the fuel pump relay when the wheel is turned right. Any thoughts?

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I just went through a deep dive on Saginaw steering columns as I installed a tilt column in Georgia (see last page of my build thread).  The only direct swap columns for you are pre-airbag MJ/XJ columns.  Depending on what's wrong, however, you can use parts from almost any GM Saginaw column to rebuild yours.  It's possible the die-cast zinc base/knuckle support is cracked or worn out.  Is your MJ manual trans or auto?  Auto trans Cherokees outnumber manuals by a huge margin so a complete auto column would be easy to find.

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