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ABS brake question, rear discs have pressure

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Not on my MJ, but on my 98 zj 5.9 with 4 wheel discs and ABS.


I put an 8.8 in my ZJ, just wired the calipers up then dropped them down when I installed the rear so no air an no need to bleed the system. Yes, ZJ rear discs are the same as 8.8 ford.  Only difference is the hole in the caliper for retaining the inner pad is smaller.  The ABS feature doesn't work anymore and the light in the dash is on.


Brakes worked fine, but I wanted more power...  Had a moron put 456 gears in, he had the calipers hanging by the hoses.  Not sure if that did anything or not.  After a short drive I noticed the driver rear rotor smoking.  I completely loosened the parking brake, that didn't fix it.  So I swapped the caliper and bled the system. 


Now the rear brakes have some pressure on them.  I noticed it when I tried to roll the truck in the garage in neutral.  (I don't have a big garage so I keep it in neutral to push it back and forth)  It was hard to push and I could hear it growling and the pads grabbing. 


Could this problem be caused by the brakes not being properly bled due to the ABS?  Or the moron hanging the calipers by the hoses?

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There's no special procedure for bleeding ABS brakes if you are just changing pads or calipers as long as the master cylinder didn't go dry during the bleeding procedure. Try adjusting the e-brake shoes so they just slightly drag while rotating the wheels, then re-bleed the system the normal way, i.e. RR, LR, RF, then LF. I don't think the moron hanging the calipers like that can cause excess pressure buildup in the system, but if the brake hoses are the originals, it would be a good idea to replace them first.

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Thanks for the reply.  The master didn't run dry.  They are the original brake hoses, and I was thinking one of them may have internally collapsed.  He had the diff apart 4 times and I finally had to go down and show him how to put the posi clutch plates in. He over stacked them, and couldn't get the c clips in.  He was gonna grind the axle ends down.  I think I will order new hoses.  It has only 130k miles but is still old.

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