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90 2.5 won't start

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I have a 90 2.5 4 speed pioneer and it was starting to miss here and there so I decided to replace the cap, rotor and plugs. After reassembly I went to start it up and it turned over a couple times then nothing. I rechecked my work and it was all put together correctly. I have 12.6v at the battery and when I turn the key I can hear the starter silenoid cycle. I laid under the truck and had a friend turn the key over and I can hear the starter hit and then load up with a "hhhmmmm". I also tried putting it in gear and rolling the truck to turn the engine over and it just drags the drive tire across the ground like the drive train is locked up? Any ideas guys?

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Fixed!I took out the spark plugs and tried the breaker bar with it in neutral and the engine didn't turn over. I then started thinking about my starter sounding funny so I took the starter off and once again used the breaker bar to turn the engine over and sure enough the engine turned over. The starter is still the factory one so as near as I can figure the bendix gear was interfering with the flywheel and not allowing the motor to turn over. I put in a new starter and everything works. Thanks for the help!

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