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Need Comanche tips! battery tray, air intake, track bar...

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Just joined the forum and am a proud owner of a 1986 with only 110k miles!  This is the 2.8L carbureted (I know I hear it's one of the worse engines.) It runs strong but needs some tlc in certain areas.  Just want to say that I am brand new to jeeps, and trucks period. More of a car guy.  Anyways just looking for some good info, like what vendors are the best for this vehicle.  So far I've seen stuff like factorychryslerparts.com and jcwhitney.com. Are these good or no? 


Specifically I am looking for a battery tray with supporting hardware because the battery is literally only held down with wires right now.  Found one on factorychryslerparts for about 60$, should I pull the trigger on this. Also, the intake tube from the radiator cowl to the air filter housing was completely deteriorated.  The only thing that was left was the coiled spring thing which I regrettfully threw away.  I know I could jigger-rig up something with some sort of dryer hose but I'm looking for something better. Also looking for a good track bar and track bar mount, and engine mounts.  It has about a 2in lift on it btw.  Not looking to dump a lot of money right now, and not looking to do some serious off roading. Just the monthly camping trip/ hauling my dirt bike/ or just goin up to the mountains every once in awhile. 


Thanks for any advice in advance guys.

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For Jeep parts, Rockauto, Morris Jeep4x4center, and Quadratec are good sources for parts.  At Rockauto, you can specify MJ parts.  For jeep4x4center and Quadratec you have to search for XJ parts.  The MJ and XJ are almost identical from the front seats forward.


A lot of parts are no longer available, so your best option is junk yards or craigslist for parts vehicle.


Welcome to the addiction!  :waving:

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