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why you shouldn't do excessive wheel spin


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here is a good example of why you shouldn't let your rig have excessive wheelspin!


friends rig

91 xj

5.5" short arm

4.0l/aw4 combo

open 8.8  rear

locked, trussed hp dana 30

35' tires


my friend took his rig out to a orv park thats just opened up for private club events only

first obstacle he got high centered and just gave er! way too much wheel spin

he ended up snapping his front axle shaft, so i went to my shop and grabbed him my cherokee's spare set


upon pulling his  drivers shaft, it was apparent that it wasn't a simple trail fix

his shaft was snapped into three pieces, one of which was still in the carrier and wasnt coming out


this weekend i had time to tear the axle apart to get the rest of his shaft out and this is what i found

snapped shaft, destroyed carrier, pinion gear and blown axle seal 




so now i get the joy of  rebuilding  his front axle and upgrading his shafts to the newer bigger ujoint style


choose your pedal wisely, it took him two years of abuse to do it, but it will fail eventually, his splines were literally twisted alomst two splines over

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Locker still good?


overall yes,

i had to cut the old carrier apart to get the locker out

the openings to where the lunchbox went were too mushroomed over to allow for the lunch box to nicely exit


one of the cups that house the end of the shafts from hitting the cross pin have a bit of the shoulder missing but otherwise no issues


have it installed into a new carrier and waiting till i bring him one of my spare gear sets to shim up into the axle

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