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my spare parts xj build

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figured id start a build thread for my spare parts rig,
i bought it almost two years ago for spare parts,
amd then i tried to sell it and no one wanted it.

i had alot of spare parts lying around from my white comanche after it ran me over (i know, how does that happen right?)
they were taking up space and so was it, at that point i decided why not build a super cheap rig?
having lots of parts lying around means total build cost is going to be fairly low.

specs 1990 jeep cherokee laredo
power everything, and side vents pm the windows
4.0L 4x4 aw4/242 combo
d30 non disco
and a turdy five in the rear

things i have done so far,
4.0L replacement,
installed 4.5" lift kit
bastard pack rear for the time being
35" tires

total build cost to date is $184
for bastard packs
engine mounts
and fuel pump strainer

things to finish it
solder tps controler wires back to the the harness
reinstall fuel pump
fill full of gas
turn the key

optional things being done at this point
onboard air with a stock a/c pump
rock sliders
hack n tap sye with grand chero front d/s

have about 4 or 5 casual days of wrenching put into this so far

it in its stocker form


the dissecting started

engine out, front lift kit in

new engine in

out side of the shop new that the power plant swap is done

started to lift/mock the rear


and here she is at final ride height






once i fire the cherokee up ill go over the whole thing and make sure everything is tight

this will be nice for a mild wheeler, where i can take my dogs up with me, and even more than one passenger


that way i can leave my mj for the hardcore stuff


will post more when i have more done,

i work on it one day every month or so since its at my shop in a different town

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