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Driveshaft, Black Interior, Bumper, 1992...


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I need a driveshaft for an Ax15-231-D44



Looking for "complete" black interior.


In search of a solid, decent factory

rear bumper.


Want a 1992 4.0/5spd donor truck for

Swap, needs not run, just be complete.


Still after a trans4mer grill guard

setup or factory brush guard.


Cash in hand, will travel medium


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Yeah, the local shops want $$$ for a

custom shaft and i don't want to modify

the one i have because I'm not confident

on the reliabilty of the D44 i plan to

install. If i end up having to rebuild

the D44 i want my 50" shaft for my old

D35. I figure there has got to be a cheap

49in+ shaft sitting somewhere...

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