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Can someone look up thread dimensions on a discontinued part? ba10/5 front retainer studs

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Chrysler # 04897036AA, old # 83503236


The part is discontinued everywhere and I cannot find where the threads were ever mentioned. 


The part number is for the 5 studs on the front retainer plate on a BA10/5. I'm pretty sure they're m10 but I didn't have a die with me last night that had the correct pitch. 



Please don't ask me why I'm working on a ba10; I'm asking that myself too much already. 

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I decided that 7/16x14 was the closest thread I could find to the studs but that's not it; I'm pretty sure it's metric but none of my dies would fit them. I recut the one post that I messed up (from double nutting to remove the plate) and a 7/16x14 nut is a touch loose on the recut stud so I'll use JB weld on it to keep it from moving. 




On removing the front retainer plate to replace the front seal; the studs come off pretty easily with a torch applied to the side of the aluminum housing and doubling up on the nuts. The front shaft feels nice and tight in the new seal where it used to have a lot of play. The bearing itself seems to be in good shape but I wasn't prepared to tear into the housing to replace it anyway. I'm hopeful this will solve my trail of gear oil that I leave going down the highway and the puddle that accumulates when I park it. 

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Try M10x1.50


M10 comes in 3 pitches ... 1.00, 1.25, and 1.50


7/16" is a near exact crossover for 11mm ... and at 14tpi it indicates the M10 coarse (1.50) as most likely.

It's the same as the shift lever knob so you can check with that to confirm.

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