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Cruiser need your help with sensor grounds!!!

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My jeep is an 89 2wd 2.5L.


When I ohm tested my grounds I got 1.4 ohms.


I am going through your steps to try and fiqure out my crappy running issue.  I have traced the brown/white wire from IAT sensor and it is spiced with the CTS, and ANOTHER BRWN/WHT THAT RUNS THROUGH THE FIRE WALL AND DISAPPEARS.  The MAP sensor's brwn/wh wire and the TPS brwn/wht also disappears into the firewall. There is no other splice unless it is under the dash between the firewall and ECU.  Can I just cut the MAP, TPS, IAT, and CTS brwn/wht and spice it with the brwn/wht that runs through the firewall from the IAT, CTS factory splice? (this would be the wire described with all caps)


I hope this makes sense. I am just confused because I never found the second splice talked about in your tips.  I am guess that the second splice is under the dash. 

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