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DC, MD, VA: NOS A904 Torqueflite $600

Mark Serva

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Have a new old stock A904 (without lockup) designed for Postal (DJ5M) Jeeps of 83-84 with AMC2.5L. Believe it will fit the 60 degree v6 GM engine in the later Cherokee and Comanches (TJ and MJ). Might fit the Audi Engine built for the AMC/General Postal Vehicles. Please be sure before you buy. However, the later ones had, I believe, a Torque Converter lock up. This unit does NOT lockup. Does not come with a torque convertor (26 spline) either. Buyer will pay all shipping and packaging costs to seller in advance and the unit will be in Washington, DC (FOB). I will do my best to pack it well and cheap. Probably a plastic tote if shipper agrees. I can deliver it in the DC metro beltway for free, prepaid or $1 per mile outside of the DC Beltway (495). 


I can send more pics if you wish. Also, I will guarantee this unit for 90 days in a stock application. No days for a hot rod or modified etc. I understand this is a good trans for about 100 to 250HP. Part 5995621

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