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Temporary Exhaust Repair/Patch

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Working on a beater comanche that has holes in the exhaust. Unfortunately I need to pass emissions here, and I would think having a sound exhaust system would help my chances of passing the first time.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a repair product (paste, wrap, putty, beer can, etc.) that will hold me over for one day so I can get it to pass emissions? Full exhaust job will follow, but not in the immediate future, just want to pass emissions first. Anybody use that paste or wrap stuff to fix their exhaust system? I don't need a long term fix.

Am I correct to think that it will help my chances of passing emissions by patching up those holes?

There are some on the downpipe, and two small ones after the muffler and on the tailpipe.

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Before I replaced the downpipe on my 88 I had a bad leak at the manifold. I used a tape like muffler wrap from Advance Auto to wrap the whole joint and then wrapped wire around it to keep it from blowing out before it got hot enough to seal. Worked well but really smelled bad while it was cooking off. I'd say try the wrap and cover it with some sheet metal (beer or soda can) and use radiator hose clamps or wire to hold it in place. Won't look pretty but should help you get past inspection.

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