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'92 comanche parts Morgantown WV updated 11/25


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I'm doing a '97+ conversion on my Comanche so I have lots of parts available:

-HO engine harness and intake manifold: $100

-dash harness:$50

-Grey dash: $50

-Tilt steering column/ wheel with cruise and intermittent wipers: $75

-A/C and heater controls: $20

-Full dash cluster all working: $75

-Black header panel complete with lights/ wiring, black paint: $50

-Pair of good doors, black with door panels, manual windows, vent wing windows: $100/ pair

-Windshield visor: $100

-AW4 from a 98 XJ I parted out, 150K miles shifted smooth: $150



may have some other stuff I can think of, let me know what you may need, need this stuff out of my way, can ship if needed.  all located near Morgantown WV

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Are the vent wing windows in good working order and not leaking?

Windshield visor?  Are you talking about the sun visors? If so, what color and shape are they in?

Do you have photos of the items?

My zip code is 92057


Sorry if the post/questions sound stupid...it's late and I really should be asleep right now.

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The vent windows are in good working condition, are you wanting just the window its self or the whole door? the windshield visor I meant as the one that screws to the top of the cap and hangs over the windshield, but I do have a set of grey sun visors that are inside the cab, I can get some pics this afternoon when I get home from work.

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I'm looking for the wing vent window with the attached frame.  It looks like a number 4 when removed.  I don't need the whole door.  My current drivers side vent window seal leaks and you can't replace just the rubber.  Yep, that's the visors I'm talking about.  My drivers side is broke, the material that it's made out of (cardboard or plastic) separated from the main part.  The ones you have are out of a '92, correct?  I know throughout the years they changed the style.


Off topic. Do you have anything in Cordovan (that deep red) from an '85 Cherokee?

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