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replacing outer window seal

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Do you have to remove the door panel to install the outer window seal on the door? I just got one from Quadratec and it looks like it snaps in, but not all the way. And it looks like it would come loose when the window was rolled up. It looks like there are things that would hook in the door.

The original one just kind of fit in there, but would come loose here and there from rolling the window. I got out one time and it was gone.


I tried to just push it down beside the window. I got it all the way down, didn't "seat" in there. The window was super hard to roll down or up. Then I was able to pull the weatherstrip right up and out.  This should be easy.... any input.

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Did you have any luck with this yet?


You don't have to remove the door panel. You should only have to roll down the window. It should be straightforward, really, unless part of the clip/hook from the previous seal broke off inside the door. That might be why the new seal is not snapping in all the way. In that case you'll need thin/long needle-nose pliers (source: experience).

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No, it really doesn't seem to be fitting. It was for a 4 door Cherokee front door. It really doesn't look like the original. There are 3 pieces of metal that look like they match up to the cutouts in the strip. Not sure if anything broke off. What's up with the needle nose pliers?

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That was a great video. That is exactly what I thought I was going to do. I do wonder if I have the right part, or being a repro it just isn't right for my truck. Been trying to post Photobucket pics (WOW they changed).  What I bought was Quadratec #55014 8015. I tried to copy and paste but no luck. This part doesn't look like the original. I'm a little PO'd. Thinking about returning it and seeing if someone here has one.

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Man that number doesn't work for me.... I like places with more pictures...






And I'm not promoting either vendor.  Actually, I am super cheap (three kids in college). 

I just spent my lunch hour at the JY obtaining a complete passenger side set (all four pieces)

inner, outer, vertical and upside down L weatherstrips AND a good one piece water shield 

and I paid $8 for all of it! Love it when I get the new girl being trained!

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