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My 1988 MJ build, 2000 drivetrain and interior swap

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It all started when I sold my full size Dodge on 1-tons and 37s and picked up a bone stock 2001 Cherokee Sport.


Here it is bone stock the day I brought it home


I started by building a winch bumper


and then I added a 4.5" X-series lift

and then a set of 33" Pro Comp X-terrains


I wheeled it a few times, 


and then installed a snorkel


and then cut my fenders and added some 33" MTRs


Then one day, the packrats decided they would take up residence on my exhaust manifold, and I had a small engine fire


It killed the engine harness, the hood cable, throttle cables, and fuel injectors,


so I found a 2000 parts truck, with title issues, for $600.


Ive always liked the MJ trucks, but I've never liked the older interiors and the looks of the front end, so I thought, while I have a parts vehicle, why not build a 2000 MJ? So I bought a 1988 2wd 4cyl model off craigslist, that had been wrecked in the front for $1500.


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Today, I got my 8.8 swap for the cherokee almost done, welded the tubes to the pumpkin, and set the pinion angle and welded on the perches.



I also started tearing the front clips off of the parts Cherokee and the Comanche.


But the Comanche has some damage to the passenger frame horn that is going to need some attention before I go any further, so that's as far as I got today.

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I think my plans so far for this build include:

1. Swap interior and sheet metal
2. reseal the Cherokee 4.0L

3. Swap entire drivetrain from the Cherokee, 4.0L, AW4, NP231, D30/8.25

4. 2.5"-3" lift, and a set of 31s

5. Drive it and enjoy it.

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As far as I can tell, the only difference is in the radiator support in the front. Not sure if the mounts are different or not. But I have an entire donor vehicle, a plasma cutter, a welder, and I know how to use them, so anything is possible lol. A little fab work never scared me off.

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Also, in the research I did, the ones that are physically different are the pre-'87 trucks. I guess the front radiator supports need to have the spot welds drilled out and transplanted into the 4cyl truck. I will know when I get there, and if there is any major differences, I will document it and post it here.

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I just did a 96 4.0 into an 89 2.5

Just have to swap plates that bolt to the frame and use 4.0 rad assembly

Pretty easy really

If your swapping everything I would recommend swapping heater core, 4wd front end and steering column (for cruise control buttons!) before you drop the 4.0 in

Easier to get to everything with no motor in the way

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Awesome, thanks! I was wondering about the engine mounts, but figured I'd cross that bridge when I got there. As far as the swap, the 'Manche is getting everything out of the Cherokee. Interior, harness, HVAC, doors, dash, seats, and complete drivetrain. Part of me really wants to make the 'Manche the trail rig, and put the running gear out of my green Cherokee in it, but I don't know yet.

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Yep that's exactly what I did

If you want to keep the white door skins it's not to hard to swap the power window motor/locks over assuming you have manual now

Just have to drill out a couple rivets per side...takes a little time but keeps it all one color (unless your going to paint it anyway ;)

Even swapped power mirrors so now I'm making a little cupholder to house the mirror switch (keeping bench seat)

Power bucket seat will not swap btw...need to drill out the spot welds and swap the hump

I did it before and it's not worth the effort unless your 5'8" and can move the seat up to adjust it anyway

Like you said I used every wire from a Cherokee so I used the Cherokee fuel pump so it plugs right up

I had to cut the support rod and rotate the pickup 90* then re tack it

If you lay the pumps side by side you will see what I mean

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The parts truck also happens to be white, so that works out awesome lol. They're slightly different colors, but good enough for the girls I go with lol. As far as the seats, I wanted to use the Cherokee buckets and console, and was under the impression, if you moved the seat supports from the parts truck, they were livable. Do they still not fit well even with the hump swapped?

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