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Which Bench Seat Cover?

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Not sure if this is tech or not but the stitching on the bench seat of my MJ has come apart. I would like to put a cover over it but I would first like to know what brand other people are using. Post pics if you have any and tell what brand/model you are using and how it fits.

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I have a Ruff-Tuff bench seat cover made out of saddle blanket materiel that I ordered two years ago to the tune of about 180.00. It has not faded or wrinkled up, good quality. The cover fit both my original 87 bench seat and the replacement 91 bench seat. The cover has the shifter seat notch cut out.


Should you go this route with a Ruff-Tuff, I suggest taking the bench seat out to put the cover on, and then using heavy safety pins to keep the straps underneath from slipping [thereby preventing the cover from moving over time]. No pics handy but can be ordered with seat-front pockets, rear rifle scabbard, rear map pockets, matching headrest covers, etc... I went with the map pockets and once I changed seats picked up the matching headrest covers.


The only detractor to ordering from Ruff-Tuff is that as each is made to order it can take a month to receive your seat cover from when the order is placed with them.

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