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1990 Sportruck 2.5 - Utah

johnny quest

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thinking about passing my 1990 sportruck onto someone else who may have more time to enjoy it than me. Its been sitting in my driveway since the day it came home, with only a handful of trips around the block to keep the battery charged. i had/have plans to throw some stupid big motor in it and have a crazy sleeper truck, but the reality is that that won't happen for a while.


body is in great shape, very solid, very straight, ZERO rust. paint is.....24 years old. interior is all there other than the headliner and the piece behind the seats. grey with buckets, no rips. drivetrain is the powerhouse 2.5 with a 4spd behind it. two wheel drive. 95k original miles. drives awesome; can cruise down the highway at 65-70mph all day. i don't need to sell it, but i also don't need to keep it.




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