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Alternate Leaf Springs?

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I've read that Tahoe rear leaf springs are appropriate for use in modified MJs, being the same spring rate and forward length but 5in shorter on the backside. Since I was out dragging my rear bumper on the rocks a few weeks ago I've gotten very interested in reducing rear overhang, moving the spring shackle 5in forward sounds like a good start and a heck of a lot easier and cheaper than a 3-link. Does anyone have experience with this or know which specific Tahoe is appropriate to yank springs from? I saw it mentioned briefly on JF that it was done but there was no detail and it's crowded there so I figured I should ask here first.

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I found what I wanted to know on Pirate4x4, thanks to Mr. N there. He made a nice, comprehensive and easy to follow chart. I edited it down for my own usage. Seems there are a number of options from GM that would be nearly drop-in to reduce the rear spring length and gain some ability to bob the back end. Obviously you'd need to weld a rear shackle hanger on each side but that's not a problem if you're considering this kind of thing anyway.



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