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'88 Heater Box Studs For Firewall

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Trying to take the heater box out of my '88 MJ and the studs that go through the Firewall are spinning with the nut.  Thats not the problem, althought it is, but I'm looking for a fix to replace those studs once the box is out and ready to put back in.  I have an idea of drilling out stud locations and using long screws or thread all with JB Weld to replace the trashed studs.  Has anyone ran into this problem and if so, any words of advice someone might be able to pass along?  Thanks

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I just had the same problem with my 88.  To get the nuts off of the studs I just held onto the end of the studs with a pair of vice grips while backing off the nut.  Once the box was out I was able to just put some JB weld on the end of the stud that screws into the plastic heater box and screwed them back in.  It worked fine.

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