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Southern Maryland Welding Help

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I just purchased a truss kit from TNT and will now need to weld it onto my front axle. It's a HP D44 from a 77 Ford Pickup that still has bracketry on it. I do have an angle grinder, so I can probably get the brackets removed, but no way of welding on new ones. I have zero experience welding and I definitely don't have the equipment, so I though someone on here may have the know-how to at least help me figure it out. I would rather not take it to a shop(since I don't really find many trustworthy ones around here and I also need to save a bit more money on this for my next project)


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Oh, I simply want the know how, I'm not expecting to hack up my front axle or new parts. I guess I misspoke a bit. I would NEVER do that to new parts. I was just hoping someone could weld it on with the proper knowledge, and I figure eventually I am going to have to weld something, so whatever pieces of information I can take away about how would be beneficial in the future. Plus, I would rather pay someone on here then a shop. I know the generics of welding and I know that my axle tubes can warp if not done correctly, and my fear is that a shop I take it to is just going to be adamant about simply getting it done and not take the proper procedures with it. Our Comanche Club patrons, I would like to believe, have much more respect for the work and the vehicle. 

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