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Chrysler Friends And Family Discount


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My F-I-L was a retired Chrysler engineer, and we have enjoyed this program up to his passing (although it is still available to us through his wife we have not recently used it). The program requires you to call a special phone number and get what is commonly called a 'Green Sheet', which you must present at the dealership before you seal the deal.


The discount is calculated as the dealer cost less the corporate advertising contribution and dealer 'hold-back' (of course, this is different on every model).


The "factory invoice" is whatever the dealership wants it to be. The ones you might be shown while at the dealership have no bearing on what the actual invoice cost from Chrysler is. They will never show you that one until you present the green sheet.


You can do trade-ins with employee pricing, but each dealership handles them differently, and they do not have to take them. In our last purchase, we negotiated the trade-in value before announcing we had a green sheet, but that really P.O.'ed the sales manager......


At one time there was a clause you had to select from the dealer's stock, but that has since been lifted and you can order the vehicle the way you want.


In the past some dealerships would play silly buggers with the dealer invoice to try and make a few more bucks, but Chrysler got wise and started checking the deals much more closely. Now its a very straightforward transaction.

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