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'86 Jeep Comanche For Sale Portland, Oregon $400


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Hello! Long-time lurker posting my first post.....to sell my little truck.  :cry:  I've gotten so much help here over the years with hood cables and clutches! Alas, I'm moving and my truck hasn't run for some time and has to go.




Does It Run?


No, it does not, and it needs to be towed.



I'd love someone to actually get her going again instead of me just taking it to to be scrapped, so if you show up with a tow and cash I'll most likely take yer offer. 


Comes With:


Some Rust!

A Little Moss!

An Additional Compatible Starter Engine! (My brother told me it needed a starter engine when I parked it 2 years ago, and gave me a refurbished one. I never had it popped in. I have no idea whether installing it might induce the truck to start. Probably not.)



Let me know what else I can photograph; my boyfriend tells me "there's a little rust, but not in the body", and I have to say the engine looks pretty funky, to the untrained eye (mine).






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