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Electrical? Gremlins . . Still . .

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Well, the electrical gremlins on my '87 4.0  4WD Laredo still exist.  I lived with some

of the inconvenience for awhile.  Not that winter has set in to northern Michigan, I have

to address them.   My windshileld wipers wouldn't work.  'Laredo Larry' must have watched

me remove the wiper motor off my 'in-the-woods- parts 'Manche as they now work wiithout

me having actually done anything (except some cussin').   Now the heater fan blower works



On to second (un)related? problem.  Truck motor stops running.  This occurs when idling

but once failed to start from the git-go.  Starter turns motor but no start.   Then when I come

back the next day,  it fires up AND . . . . the heater blower motor works for a short while.


Research inclines me to that CPS switch.  I will replace that first.  Then maybe that electronic

module that connects to the distributor?   I'm working on refreshing the grounds.  Anyone 

'been there, done that'?   I hate just randomly replacing parts.


David Bruski            bruskidave@gmail.com     Mon. Dec 2nd

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Dave, click on the link in my signature and do the Ground Refreshing, Connector Refreshing, and the C101 Refreshing.


Seems like you might have a burned terminal at the ignition switch brown wire terminal also.


CPS can be tested also. That's also in the link.

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Cruiser, I just recently saw this post and checked my ignition switch, turns out my brown wire melted the terminals around it also. I believe this just solved a 2 year for my short. My problem is that i don't live near a junkyard, nor can i find the pigtails that i melted. Do you have any laying around you would care to ship my way? thanks

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