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Thank Goodness For Mans Best Friend


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Foregot to post this, thought id share


My dog a while back saved my MJ, How? It almost got broken into. at about 5:00 in the morning.


My dog would not stop barking and was starting to get mad it him, as i layed in my bed in silence I heard something outside my room by my truck and our other cars, I then heard someone trying to open my trucks door, and since it has a full handle he grabbed it and rocked my truck and I heard it since my windows were open.  

I slowly got put of bead and grabbed my survival knife, and walked into the front room slowly. I heard him walking down the driveway down to my dads Dodge Ram. I the ncrept into my parents room and told them there was someone messing with the vehicles an thought they were trying to steal parts of my 71 Javelin. So my dad flung out of bed and opend the front door.


I went over to see my truck to see if the theif was there, no sign of him or damage done. I went back into the house and by now my mom called the cops, I turned off the lights and waited to see if he would come back, and he did. He was walking up the road. I then flipped the lights on and he saw me in my doorway wearing a Marines boot camp T-shirt and a knife in my hand, It looked like I was from a a horror movie getting ready to kill someone. He took off running when he saw me.


Later in the morning, I looked at the vehicles on more time to make sure nothing was wrong. I turned around and there was a cop talking to my neighbors. I went over and talked to him and he said that the theif stole $1200 worth of roofing tools from him out of his truck.


All I can say is thank you mans best friend, and always keep your doors locked at night.  

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