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Np207 For 4Wd Swap??

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Your sig says ax15, I'm guessing that's a typo?


Anyway, the 2.5 and 2.8 have the same bellhousing, so the transmission will bolt to your engine just fine. Since the transfer case is already bolted to the transmission we know it will work also.


I don't know what gears a 2.8 with the 5 speed got, so I don't know if the gears in the front axle will match your current rear axle. Physically the front axle will bolt in just fine, but if the gears are a different ratio you will have to swap the rear axle as well.


Front driveshaft will fit, but I'm not a fan of the early style front drive shafts. Rear driveshaft will fit if your 88 is a long bed. If it is a short bed you will need to have either your 2wd driveshaft, or the donor driveshaft shortened to fit.


Don't know much about the 207 transfer case, so I can't say how good it is. There must be a reason Jeep moved away from it and started using the 231 in 1987.


You will also need all the little parts: shifter, shifter linkage, vacuum harness on the transfer case, vacuum switch for thee 4wd light, vacuum hoses and a bulb for the 4wd light in your instrument cluster.


Your transmission tunnel should have a cover bolted on it where the shifter mounts. Further down the side of the tunned under the carpet should be 4 rubber plugs (at least, my 1996 Cherokee had the plugs and predrilled holes) where the bracket for the shifter linkage bolts on. The bracket for the passenger side is bolted to the transmission itself.

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The AX5 from the 2.8 may or may not have the spot for your 2.5's crank sensor, If it doesnt you may meed to swap on your original bellhousing and stay internal slave. The donor axle gearing should be 4:10, so youll need a rear axle too, or have yours regeared. Your 2wd one is probably 3:55. I'm doing this exact same swap very soon with an 86 donor MJ. There was never a short bed AX5 Np207 combo from the factory that I know of, so you may be forced, as I may be, to have a rear driveshaft cut to length. As far as the XJ donor, you can use its rear axle too, youll just need to have the rear spring perches moved under the axle. The perches can be bought and having someone weld them up isnt a big deal. There are many places that will come to you with a welder to do whatever you need. just make sure they are positioned correctly. Theres a thread here somewhere showing the differences and the measurement to do it. Good luck, and keep us updated!

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