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4X4 Drivetrain

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There's a LWB 5 spd 4x4 with a D30/D35 combo at Amen Auto parts (Louisville, KY), for everything behind flywheel down to driveshafts and axles they want $312 with warranty if anyone's looking for an easy swap.  


Truck is non-a/c, missing some interior panels and the bed is pretty rough, but still driveable.

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hahah, i would agree, i too came from Texas and had to piece my conversion together... 


It's a non-HO 4.0L 5spd with a NP231 D30/D35.  I would assume its a Peugeot tranny, but it was locked (they are using it for the yard truck since it runs and drives) and I did not climb under to identify the transmisison.  Supposedly runs well.  He only wants 79 bucks a piece for the axles hub to hub, and 12 bucks a piece for driveshafts.

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