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Not A M614

64 Cheyenne

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Picked this up today, probably won't get to work on it for a while as were getting ready to move to Missoula.

Starting my bachelors program in the fall.






It doesn't have any leaf springs yet, has a nice drop gate on the end, needs a lot of work, fenders, floor...


Best of all it was FREE!


BTW, you can see it hooked up to the Chief, to the JCR bumper that caused all the stink. Haven't had any problems towing anything with

it even with the drop hitch.

Yup no lights, safety chains or plates, on the rez, you don't need them. It will have all of them when I'm done though.

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Nice trailer, close but not an M416.  But maybe its got some bantam or other old willys heritage.  Can't tell by the pics, is it total homemade or does it have a factory flare to it?  There were several manufacturers of old willys and farm trailers.  Any factory stamping or data plates?

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Its homemade, has factory flare on top of the bed..
Don't know what it was made out of or where it came from never really spent any time really looking around it.

Metal is pretty thick, can't wait to put springs, tires and fenders on it.

Plan on making the tongue a little longer for the Jerry can mount and storage box that will be going on.

Got many ideas just so little time before we move.

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