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1952 Willys Pick Up

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saw this in the 5-3-13 issue of the las vegas recycler:


1952 Willys pick up 4x4, original condition, shows 60 years of hard desert life, rocky roads and many battle scars, now retired.  "Wilber" just sits and stares down the road with his 1 good eye, adoption fee and background check $2750.00 call 775-751-8571 Pahrump. 



Wife said "ain't no way" when I pointed it out to her :dunno:

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I see those things all the time in the local auto trader mag. Even saw one in the parking lot of Menards a few years back (looked to be in good shape but every inch of it was painted red  :wall: ). Always liked how they looked, hopefully Wilber goes to a good home that can get that eye of his and any other aliments fixed up for him.

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