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Leaking... From Where?

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I went to leave my sister's house this morning, and noticed a HUGE puddle underneath my truck, most of which was fresh. By huge, I mean about 18 in. in diameter. Can't figure out exactly where she's leaking from. About 2 months ago I put a new felpro valve cover gasket on and did cruiser's valve cover mod. So that should rule out valve cover. Thinking rear main/oil pan, and have no clue where/why the axles are leaking.


I just topped-off the gear oil in the axles and wonder if I over-filled them, or if they were just low enough to not leak anymore. I let the gear oil drain until just a trickle and then put the bolt back in. Which leads me to believe they are NOT overfilled. EDIT: This is passenger's side.



Soon as I filled up the front axle, she started leaking right here. This is driver's side, just inside the u-joints.


More leakage.


I've already known that my rear axle seals were leaking slightly, and are now leaking heavily- which I will get to on payday. And the drivers side was barely leaking from around the u-joint. Could I have blown the inner axle seals? :dunno: Is it worth the money to repair the axles (machine shop pressing off the old seals) or just upgrade to D44s?


Thanks for any input. :thumbsup:

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Check your axle vent(s) for blockage. My rear axle seals were leaking because the pressure could not vent. Had to drill out the little white plastic vent tube adapter that presses into the axle tube. Voilà!

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