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Fs/trade: 2.5L & '4 Wheel Drive' Badges - Oh


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Sorry, the other things are not for sale.


I normally just sell badges for a few bucks to cover shipping.


$5 for the 2.5L

$7 for the others

$10 for all three Sound fair?

PM me otherwise or for PayPal info.


Forgot to mention, I'd also be interested in trading for some '86 COMANCHE badges.

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I had the wiper fluid and coolant one hooked up, I'd post pics but the hard drive they are all on got formatted clean awhile ago and I've not gotten back around to rebuilding it since it's a 2TB drive. Next time I have a 4.0 rig I'll be looking into getting everything hooked up. The current rig I'm looking at though is a 2.8 so again, just the washer and coolant will get hooked up if I buy it. Would be awesome if I could find someone with a waggy XJ that has the sentinel system so I could see everything hooked up and take a lot of pics. But I'll figure it out.  :thumbsup:

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