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Rubber Bump Stops On Tailgate?

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I'm noticing my tailgate rattles, so I'm looking at it, and I see two holes in the bed near the top that appear to be for a rubber stop. This would put pressure on the gate so it wouldn't rattle, but there is nothing in the holes.


There are some rectangular rubber bumpers half way down, but the ones I'm talking about are at the top. Are there supposed to be some stops installed?

Where can I get some?

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You could try doing what a lot of us did on the J-Trucks, use CJ hood bumps since the factory ones can't be found anymore.




You can find things like these at some auto parts stores too, think I may have even seen them at Lowes before.

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Sure thing, they help quite a bit at quieting things down for sure. Another trick that works well is wrapping some duct tape or electrical tape around the support arms if they rattle too much. Just need a strip or two of it about two times around in a spot, not the entire arms.

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