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Mj Console Swap

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Nice January thaw weather so I fooled with the truck a little - Don't know if this is final - was easy enough - Yanked the full length & in with a Mini & a console from a 95 - 98 or so Frontier/Xterra - - Don't know which I like best - easy reversal - - - - Had to trim approx 1 inch from bottom - Nissan console sits a little higher - Cup holder inserts are inna shop somewhere - Console was left over from when I was into Toyotas - Got it ata JY for not much - Prices on eBay tend to be stupid - Anyway, Comfortable, sits a little higher & has 2 holders - - Now Gotta find a place for PM switch.



Console Pic lifted from eBay - Bottom contour easy enuff to reshape

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If you're looking for votes - I vote for the full length console. IMHO, it looks better/more MJish. However, your vote is the one that counts.

But, those seats are killer. Where did you get them?

Noted the wood grain dash bezel. I found one of those at P&P and it's going in my MJ when I get it back together.

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Wifes already zeroed in on the cup holders - I swear by everything holy she'd pass ona AC cobra 'cause no CHs - Console pic was to show CH detail - Looks better than in photo - will add Pic with less severe angle later today - Slightly shorter console's gonna allow donut spare behind seats & still have full open of armrest - Had factry cover donut in cab of an '87 - looked good but hindered OE armrest lid opening.


Seats are from late 90s-03 06 r so Wrangler - medium red center along wi fox wood dash breaks monotony of all gray interior


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MJ brackets occasionally come up for sale in the Classifieds section. relyt120 just scored a set a few days ago. The other option is to fabricate brackets to adapt XJ seats. I finally got mine right on the third "minor adjustment". Not to say I wouldn't grab a set of MJ seats and brackets if they ever turn up at P&P.

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