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Rear Axle Option: Ford 9"

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Simplicity is why you don't see many 9" swaps. They are generally full width with a different bolt pattern than stock.


It's kind of like asking why nobody only swaps a 14bolt in the rear. Full width and different bolt pattern.


However, I see no reason why somebody wouldn't use a 9" if they had access to it and had a matching front axle ;)

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I put a 9" in my truck, came out of a friend's bronco he was scrapping. Basically gave it to me. But as far as full width, not a big deal for me, can't notice the difference unless you look right down the side of the body. And for lug pattern, the smart thing (and what I will do if I get new wheels) is to buy wheels that fit the 9" pattern and get adapters for (say a d30 front) whatever front axle you have and the width problem will be a very minimal difference.

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