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Project Someday 88 Mj

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So I picked up an 88 MJ in June, and it sat around for a few months before I got my act together and registered it.


It's a pretty solid truck for the Northeast, but does have some rust/rot issues that I'll have to address. It was already swapped to ZJ buckets, and the PO replaced the floors. Not the prettiest job but it works for now. I swapped in a real gauge cluster and a center console from one of the parts XJ's I have in my yard.




D30/D35 3.07's




I got it on the road the end of the summer, about a week before the tranny in my GMC decided to take a dump. I did the rear main seal, oil pan and valve cover gaskets along with a sweet new tailpipe and have been DD'ing it ever since. I got tired of rubbing the fenders in front so I put in some 4" TJ coils and OME shocks. It kind of has the Cali lean to it at the moment, but I'm on the wrong coast for that.



I planned on doing a Clayton 3 link up front and an SOA in the rear with a 29 spline 8.25 that I already had, but being a recent college grad, I didn't have a lot of cash to be throwing at it. Then a couple weeks back I came across a deal that I could pass up!




98 XJ

7.5" lift (bds coils and leaves with spacers and shackles)

4.0 with a warped head


SYE'd 231 Tom Woods Front shaft

D30/8.25 Aussies f/r 3.55's

Clayton 3 link, Skid, Trackbar and bracket

Winch bumper

Durango Box

New Ball Joints and wheel bearings


At this point I'm slowly parting out my old XJ and trying to make a couple bucks to put towards swapping all these parts onto the MJ. I ordered the Simple Swap kit from ruffstuff last week. Still need a couple things from Clayton, and some shocks and I should be ready to roll on this. I'm going to run the beat Baja MTZ's that I have until I can score a set of 35's. I'm hoping I can get away with just running the 6 inch coils up front, but I have the spacers and shackles if necessary to level it out in the end.


If anyone has any tricks or pointers for the SOA swap on these trucks let me know! I've been doing some research and it all seems pretty straight forward. Thanks in advance,



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So I'm almost ready to swap all my parts onto the MJ but I'm wondering what to do about an SYE. Do you generally need one on an swb MJ when going SOA with the front lifted to match? I have a 231 case already SYE'd but I'm wondering if I can get away without using it. Either way I'd like to know before I weld my spring perches on.  


I also scored a nice front end and two mint manual doors for $150


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