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The second issue, out of the gate, was the fact that the check engine light was on from the get-go. When I asked Tod about it, he said he hadn't looked into beyond pulling the code because emissions standards in Utah and Texas are way lax. His theory though, based on the code pulled by him, was a lack of vacuum because of a piece that hadn't been brought over with the engine swap. I can't remember what he called it, but he said it is normally located in the front-left corner of the engine bay.


Unfortunately, here in CA, you can't even register a vehicle when the check engine light is on, so I needed to get it fixed. I cleared and pulled the codes myself and got P0132 and P0135. According my subsequent forum searching, these codes relate to the front O2 sensor's heater, for which there is a fuse. The forum posters recommended starting with a fuse swap and then, if that didn't work, replacing the front O2 sensor itself.


So I went to Pep Boys, opened the hood and pulled all the fuses. As it turned out, two of the 20's looked all milky and blown. So I replaced those two, cleared the code, and drove home without the light coming back on!! Fingers crossed that they stay off. YAY! I made my first fix all by my self. :)


Here are some pictures of the fuses I replaced: http://postimage.org/gallery/14x4at9m/

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Just wanted to update this thread with the latest. As I mentioned in this thread, http://comancheclub.com/topic/36615-mil-warnings/#entry366926, my check engine light was coming on with error code P0443. Basically, the '99 Cherokee engine swap was done minus an emissions system. So my buddy and I went to Pic-N-Pull today and grabbed an emissions system from a '98 Cherokee. Here's a quick picture of the parts we pulled:




I have started a DIY thread to document the installation: http://comancheclub.com/topic/36660-adding-emissions-components-to-my-comanche/

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