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1990 Comanche.. Step Bed, 37S, Project "rusty"

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I'm starting this a lil late, but building a trail rig is never done. Better late than never!


I bought this Jeep in October of 2011. I only drove it in its stock form for about 1 mile! It leaked a quart of oil out the bottom in about 10 minutes.


I researched the crap out of lifts and thought leafs would be best for me! (I know..you can't believe I took out the coils lol) This thing flexes great and I could not be happier.


Front springs are YJ 3.5in lift springs with heave duty shackles, the rear is a spring over.


Both front and rear axles are Wagoneers, with a locker in the rear and Warn Premium hubs up front, All new bearings, seals, brakes, everything...Also has 1.5in wheel spacers.


The tires are 37x14 Iroks on 17in Rock crawlers that will soon be turned into bead locks.


Here is the bed we just got done. Its strong and turned out good. I have a RCI 12 gallon fuel cell but waiting to get an electric fuel pump and foam for it. So until then...the stock tank will work for now!


Also I am trying to get rid of a lil miss. When I rev it like stalls for a second then goes.. I put new cap, rotor, autolite plugs, fuel preasure regulator but its still there. Next is plug wires. I will try and do some progress pics as it was being built..cutting off the front suspension, the oil leak fix, ect..


Here are some pics so far.


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Sorry these pictures are totally out of order.


As you can see in one of the pics..my "custom" Z drag link. It was a hurry up and get this thing on the trail for a Memorial Day run. Since then I have put 1 ton stering on, oh man what a difference!


I also have Liquid Iron Industries XJ frame stiffeners on there. Well worth the money in my opinion. They fit perfectly and the Miller made them go on smooth.


I swaped out the tie rod ends for some TREs that were offset. No more turning and hitting the diff cover.


As you can see in the one pic...I did not own a high lift and we have a dozer....problem fixed! I actually broke the spring center pin. I just did not get it tight enough I guess. Went down to the local hardware store and bought some grade 8 bolts, took a grinder to the head to roung them off a lil bit and I have not had a problem since.


The bumper is from Karnage off road. Talk about front apporach angle. I love it. For height reference..my buddys JK had a 3.5in lift and 37s.




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Why can't I use Google + pictures!!???




And this is how she sits today. I wish I would have mounted the front diff a lil flatter but that can be changed in the upcoming year.


Also have Balistic Fab shock tabs and the skull on the front diff cover to scare rocks away!


If ya need some more front end pics let me know. I need some better lighting for sure!


The mirrors are going to get taken off. I can already see those hittin a tree or something, they are pretty vulnerable.




Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally!!


^^^Sounds serious^^^



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JK recovery point..its a must have! The reciever is tied all the way to the factory bed X crossmember. Super strong tow point.





And here she is..New plugs, wires, fuel presure reg, filter, fluids, Optima yellow top, trying to get rid of that hesitation when I punch it....also the slooooowww starting habit it aquired...still a mystery!



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I only wheeled on new years day. Seemed like all the big boys left prior to that morning. I was hoping to see some of the buggies but with 80% chance of rain people got scared. lol

It was the best day I have ever had wheeling. Hardly anyone on the trails and you did not have to wait in line for the "main atractions". I want a RZR so bad! I would get rid of both quads and the manche for one.

I just can't justify spending that kind of cash on one.

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